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Spot the Co-Host

As we know, Mac participated in the Fuji Guys’ snowy photo walk earlier in the month in Calgary. A quickie video was uploaded to YouTube and as long as you don’t blink, you’ll snag a glimpse of Mac and his Fuji!

Photography FUNdamentals, Y’all 

Yup, once again we are giving a quick shout-out to Moose Peterson, his Moose Press app and the fantastic iPad book, Photography FUNdamentals! He blogged about it a couple weeks ago as a reminder it’s been updated and …wait for it … still FREE! Thanks, Moose! Do yourself a fave and download the app and kicking book and if you can, send some feedback Moose’s way.

Commander Hadfield, Photographer

We have spoken about Cmdr. Hadfield’s breathtaking photography and the powerful images he made from space, but this time, we are congratulating Hadfield on the special distinction he received from the Professional Photographers of Canada. Maybe take a moment and tweet him a congrats on Twitter for a job well done, eh?  If you’re interested, his upcoming photography book can be pre-ordered at various sources! If you need a reminder of just how awesome Cmdr. Hadfield is, google Space Oddity, as I’m sure it’s still up somewhere in YouTube land after the official copy was taken down this month.

You Talking To Me?

An episode of The Grid, focusing on the power of unsolicited critique, left Mac and I pretty much in separate corners of the boxing ring, ready to hash it out. If you haven’t already, take an hour or so and watch episode 141. It’s a great episode and we thank Scott and Matt for bringing it to the attention of other photographers.

Bits ‘n Bites

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show! Will you be picking up Cmdr. Hadfield’s upcoming book? Where do you stand with critique, invited or unsolicited? Please chime in as we’re always wanting more opinions.

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Thanks as always for tuning in, folks! We always appreciate it! Awkward group high-five!


Cheers, y’all!



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