Before we start rolling with our main topic, photography connections, we quick dish on a new photo service … 

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast, Episode 82 »» Photography Connections; photo taken on a photo walk in Calgary, led by The Fuji Guys. Crated

It was time for a new online photography marketplace, and the folks at Crated have brought us all a new service to try out. Currently in beta testing, the launch is expected in a couple weeks. Have a listen as we discuss what we know about the service so far, as we are both on the site, Sid and Mac, respectively. If you are on Crated as well, please link us up!

Feeling Smug

We received an email from one of our awesome listeners, Manfred, who was also on the fence with SmugMug, so we provide a quick update to my SmugMug woes.

Networking, Y’all 

Mac had a great opportunity to participate in a photo walk last weekend with not only fellow photographers, but the leaders of the walk happened to be key players in the photo industry. Have a listen as we discuss Mac’s experience as well as the importance of not only social media when it comes to networking, but also face-to-face socializing. Too often we focus on just our fellow photographers, we forget about those names and faces behind the brands and services, and the importance of networking with these equally driven individuals as well. It’s so important to build relationships with all those involved in our industry.

Group High Five

Huge thank you to all our listeners and those also participating in discussions through our Facebook, this site, Twitter and email. We are truly appreciative of y’all who give us your time in one way or the other! Thanks again, folks! We’d love to know your thoughts on building photography connections. Have you been doing so? How so? Please link us up or share the wealth and we’ll share the info with other listeners!

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