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Before we get to our main topic on the art of photography, we quickly touch on a couple of rumours / possible teasers stemming from the Fuji camp.

In This Corner

This time it’s not the co-hosts facing off, but rather two important elements of what makes a photograph – content and form. Thanks to one of our sponsors, we decided to tackle one of the lessons learned about street photography in an article written by Eric Kim. We applied it to all genres of photography as we discussed which is more important when making an image: content or form … or both? Is it possible to include both every time?

We also bring up an interesting discussion from a number of years ago via Flickr, discussing the merits of a well known image from Henri Cartier-Bresson, though not everyone realized who was behind the image at the time the discussion started. It makes for an interesting, infuriating and often comical read.

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Links from the show:

Content Over Form / via Eric Kim Street Photography

Flickr discussion of Hyères, France, 1932