Fuji News

Yep focus peaking is here, but is it really that great… Mac will tell you.  Also in the Fuji camp, the botched firmware upgrade for Fuji X-Pro1… means that one had problems recording movies…. yawn!

Sigma is back….

Not only there are rumors of a new Sigma 24-70 F2 lens, but Sigma just announced a program to change your recent Sigma lens mount to Canon or Nikon, Pentax or Sony.  Don’t have to buy new lenses anymore.  Just sell your Canon body, buy a Nikon, and send your Sigma lens to have it’s mount changed.  Save some money in the process.  Finally!


Big shout out goes to Marko Kulik from a Photography.ca podcast.  Marko must have listened to our last podcast and our questions about telling stories with our images, and he answered our questions on his show. In episode 120 – How to Create Interesting Stories Through Your Photography  , Marko explains the process very well.  Have a listen, I’m sure it will help 🙂

Trophy Hunting

I’m sure we all have done that.  Visited a famous place and captured that famous shot, which everyone has captured millions of times.  Is this good, bad, or ugly?  While we discuss this phenomenon, notice Mac’s issues with a certain place in the world.

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