Before we get a little creeptastic and touch on intrusive photography … we get to some FYI goodness and updates …. 

shutter time with sid and mac, shutter time, podcast, photography, 2013, yegphotoshutter time with sid and mac, shutter time, podcast, photography, 2013, yegphoto

Moose Press, Yo!

That’s right, folks … Moose Peterson has provided us with some more treats, this time in iBook version. Have a listen as we give you the FYI on this latest Moose resource! Update: Moose kindly informed us the additional updates to this book, like the book itself, Photography FUNdamentals, will be free! Cheers, Moose! 

Still Fujilicious

As current and former owners of the Fuji X-Pro 1, we are still talking about this gem of a camera, so our ears perk up whenever there is a juicy rumour floating around. We briefly touch on what’s possibly around the corner …. tune in to see if this is really juicy or not!

In This Corner

You guessed it … we don our boxing gloves and jump in the ring for another discussion — heated at times — over the blurred line of right and wrong of intrusive photography. Perhaps this isn’t the right term, but to quickly break it down before you tune in: photographers using their telephoto lenses to peek in your homes, taking photos of your routine, labelling them as art and selling these images in galleries or books, etc. We cover this and more, so please tune in and check it out!

Bits n’ Bites

Do you have any great resources for photographers you might want to share? Perhaps you know of some hidden and not so hidden gems on the net. Please link us up and share the wealth! Right or wrong — we’d love to know your thoughts on the debate we had tonight. It’s a slippery slope in the eyes of many, so please chime in!

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Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!


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