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Business Stuff

We have made the switch to a new server and now have the show hosted with the brilliant folks at Libsyn. The transition was smooth and pain free, so cheers to the hardworking team over yonder! Thanks so much, y’all!

And Then There Were Three

We convinced, begged and bribed the better half of MiKSMedia, Kasia, to join us for this show, as she loves macro photography and does a better job than Mac and I could ever hope to do. Plus it’s always fun to pick the brain of another photographer and you know we did just that!

Mac Squares Off

Have you ever switched your website or gave it an overhaul? Mac’s early summer fever has kicked in and he tried to get cosy with Squarespace. Tune in and see how he made out!

Sun-Times, Oh NO, You Didn’t?!

Oh hell yeah, they did! In a crazy, cost cutting move, the Sun-Times laid off (read: SACKED) 28 photojournalists and related staff, including the very decorated John H. White (think Pulitzer prize winning photographer and you will be right). Have a listen as we discuss what happened just over a week ago, what’s happening now and where we think photography might be headed.

Getting Close

Macro photography — there’s something so cool and often jaw-dropping when we can see our world close up. What is macro imagery all about and how the heck do you pull it off? Kasia steps up to the mic and gives us a peek inside the world of macro photography.

Bits n’ Bites

Do you have a Squarespace account? If so, please link us up and let us know what you think of it! Surely you have some thoughts on the Sun-Times ridiculous move? If so, please chime in. Macro photography — is it your thing? If so, which lenses do you use and what, if anything, do you focus on (insects, flowers, etc)?

Staying Social, Y’all 

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Huge thanks to Kasia for joining us for episode 58! Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!


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