Before we discuss the titillating topic of boudoir photography, we have some other business to cover first … 

ep55 boudoir photographyLightroom … Again

So you are just getting used to the 4.4 final release, eh? Hold tight, because version 5 is available now in beta mode!

Metabones Update

Mac gives us a quickie recap of his experience so far with the Metabones speed booster adapter for the Sony NEX line.

The Roadmap to Fuji

We’ve been chatting about the Fuji XF lenses for over a year now, and there is another roadmap that has been released, as well as a new lens, the 55-200mm.

Getting Saucy

When we think of the CT based boudoir photography, for example, sultry images probably pop up in your mind right away, leaving a smile on your face. Yet behind the perceived glamour and sexy atmosphere of a boudoir session, there are many different elements to be figured out beforehand. In order to make the best of your boudoir sessions, we discuss some of the ins and outs of this fascinating genre of photography. Have a listen to our rambles, our Q&A and much more as we break down all things boudoir.

Bits n’ Bites

I said we’d link you up and I know I’m not alone in thinking of this image when discussing boudoir photography! You’re welcome. Ahh, gotta love how the mind works. Are you a working boudoir photographer or are you thinking of diving in and giving your hand a try? If you have more suggestions, tips, questions and anything else boudoir, please leave a comment! We’d love to hear more about your interest in boudoir photography. Have you fiddled with Lightroom 5 yet? What are your initial thoughts? Anything else on your mind? Let’s talk shop!

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