Time’s Running Out

Harvest season is well in motion, so we dive into the genre of agriculture photography. Before we start chasin’ crops with you, we discuss the latest news coming from the Nikon, Sony and Fuji camps. Mmmm, fresh gear. Of course Canon announced a new body the day after we recorded this show, but meh … that’s for another episode, right?

Portfolio Schmolio? 

Those, dedicated, crazy cats at Xtrafolio are having some issues with their app, so we talk about the latest over yonder at Small Donkey. Patience, young Jedi, right? Patience.

Fields of Dreams

Ahh, tis the season to chase some crops, combines and delicious golden light. We go over some tips and ideas for agriculture and rural (that’s non-urban for you, Mac) photography. Grab your camera, stretch your legs and get out there, would you? After you listen to our show, of course.

Bits ‘n Bites

Have you been capturing the harvest season these days? Don’t be shy and link us up to your images! Do you have any tips for rural or agriculture photography we have missed? Are you planning on snapping up some of the new gear announced? Drop us a note, say howdy on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and please don’t forget to subscribe to us on iTunes!

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Nikon D600

Fuji X-E1

Sony RX1 / via Steve Huff Photo

Sony NEX-VG900 FF Camcorder

Xtrafolio Facebook

Dave Reede Photography

Jim Henry Photography