Missing in Action

Where is episode 13, you ask? Good question! I could say it was the extra holiday cheer or lack of time, but I personally blame my mad non-techie skills, leaving our audio file not so audible. Clearly there was a disturbance in the force this past week. Either way, we’ll be back in action come 2012!

2011 ~ The Year On Speed

I think it’s clear we are aging co-hosts over here at Shutter Time. The saying is the years go by faster as you get older, and 2011 just flew by on warped speed! Hard to believe we are only a few days away before a new year arrives. New year means new photo opportunities, for which I am thankful! 2011 definitely had some photolicious moments, but I’m already thinking 2012 has many more in store. It’s time to step up our game behind the lens (and the microphones) and I’m looking forward to the challenge a new year always brings.

C0-Host Craziness

Thanks to my dead cool co-host, Mac, for agreeing to jump on this podcast journey with me! He’s responsible for the post-production of every show, and we couldn’t publish our podcast without him! We’re having a great time with the show so far and strive to improve with every episode. As long as we keep having fun, we’ll keep recording a show!

Awkward Group Hug

This is where we thank our listeners. We were hoping for a listener or two when we first started, and we were gobsmacked when listeners provided feedback stating they actually like the show and want more. We may have even had a little tingle when Whoohyun Lee gave us our first review on iTunes, and most of all, we were humbled and have the warm fuzzies when we noticed our show has been downloaded 1800 times. We’re not big on numbers over here, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, so we’ll take it! Thanks so much to y’all for listening to our show. Truly. Don’t be so shy in 2012, k?

Have a wonderful, Happy New Year and we’ll see y’all in 2012! 


Sid & Mac