Our New Crush

Here at Shutter Time, we’re always on the lookout for photography goodness that can curl our toes, or at the very least, spark enough interest so we can talk about it on the show. Who knew it would come in the form of a video this week, MWACattack!?!

Walking On Water

Okay, so we can’t walk on water, but what about marking with it? While the topic of watermarking your images is not as titillating as the ol’ Canon vs. Nikon debate, it’s still a topic that brings out the claws in some photographers. Have a listen as we discuss just this and more in episode 12!.

Bits n’ Bites

The holidays are almost here, with last minute shoppers scrambling in order to find the perfect gift. Have a listen to Episode 9 if you need some inspiration for surprising your favorite photographer in your world!

Thanks for tuning in, y’all!



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