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Episode 185 »» Socializing Photography With Dave Szweduik

Batman Rises Once Again So, @daveszweduik … tonight, right? https://t.co/YKqCA80VQ6 ??? — Sid and Mac (@ShuttertimeShow) March 7, 2018 Canon Forever? Canon U.S.A. is a recipient of the prestigious Public Alliance Corporate Stewardship award for their partnership and support of Yellowstone Forever and their commitment to wildlife conservation. So, Who’s in Control Here? With the news…

Episode 179 »» Inspirational Photographers with Dave Szweduik

We Missed Him. It has been too long since we have had him on the show, so when we decided on this topic, we knew we wanted him to join in! Naturally, we are talking about our great friend, some know him as Usually ‘Happy’ Dave, swizzbob, or better yet because he answers the bat signal, Batman….