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  1. Episode 108 »» Magic vs. Muggles

    May 10, 2015 by Sid


    Episode 108 »» Magic vs. Muggles, shutter time with sid and mac podcast.

    Taken w/ the Sigma 600mm ƒ8 Mirror lens.

    600mm, You Say?

    Mac, being the fan of third party lenses that is he, scored a funky used lens to take his photography to new lengths, so to speak. He shares with us his newest acquisition. Stay tuned for a lens review from him down the road on his blog / our Bookface.


    If you’ve felt that something special as you’re feeling the click of the shutter or the watching your vision unfolding in front of you, it’s undeniable how powerful the magic of photography is. What happens though when the magic fades? If you have a camera in your hands, does this automatically make you a soul photographer vs. one of convenience and at the end of the day, does it really matter? We’ve been trying to get to the why and feel of photography of late, so we decided to hit up our mics and figure this one out.

    We’d love to hear from you! How do you define the magic of photography? Do you think about the why and the feel of photography / magic, or do you just roll with it? If the magic fades, how do you get it back? Please chime in! Besides this blog, you can find us on Bookface, (Mac), Twitter and Google Plus. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already for free via iTunes. You can also catch up via the Stitcher App!

    Thanks as always for tuning in!

    Cheers, y’all!

  2. Episode 106 »» When Movies Meet Photography

    April 13, 2015 by Sid

    Episode 106 »» When Movies Meet Photography

    Shutter Time Flashback

    2 years ago, one of our listeners and good friends, Scott Hutchison, joined us for a good ol’ fashioned film chat on episode 52. Mac and Scott were at opposing ends at the time when it came down to the status of film in the industry vs. digital – totally worth a listen to, btw. This time Scott came up with a different show idea and we ran with it!

    The Cinema

    There are many sources photographers look to for inspiration. One of the inspirations can be motion pictures, though at times we may not realize it. Once Scott came up with this idea, we sat back and came with a list of films and how they have inspired us to pick up a camera. Some of the films may surprise you. No judgement, ok, haha? Please join as we go through our lists and see if you agree!

    Join the Convo

    Are there any movies which inspire you creatively? If so, which ones and how so? Please chime in over at Bookface and Twitter or here at the blog! Don’t forget you can subscribe for free via iTunes! If you have the Stitcher App, you can also find us there! Big thanks to our new sponsors listeners and the great emails, comments and more! Hugely appreciated! Don’t forget to drop by Bookface and send Mac some extra love! :)

    Thanks as always for tuning in, folks.

    Cheers, y’all!


    Links from the show:

    Scott Hutchison, Stick Out Your Face Photography

    Scott’s Twitter :: Instagram :: Facebook

    Hannibal Rising Trailer

    Bridges of Madison County Trailer

    Downton Abbey Trailer

    The Bang Bang Club Trailer

    Reservoir Dogs Trailer

    Top Gear Channel

    Walter Mitty Trailer

    Twister Trailer

    Thelma and Louise Trailer :: T&L Selfie Tweet

    Sophia the First Trailer

    Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer

    Rent Trailer

    The Shining Trailer

    LOTR Trailers

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s Trailer

    Steven Soderbergh’s B&W Version of Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Article 

    BBC Nature Documentaries




  3. Episode 105 »» Our Plan D and Travel Prep!

    March 30, 2015 by Sid

    Episode 105 »» Our Plan D and Travel Prep!, shutter time with sid and mac podcast.

    Plans A-C

    Sometimes a running a podcast means techie glitches appear. We here lovingly refer to them as Uncle Murphy and his law. After several attempts at recording this show over a span of a few days, with and without our invited guest and then a 150 hour ban from WordPress, we are here! So please sit back and join us for Plan D of this show, sans invited guest (he’s coming back later!).

    Adobe Stuff

    At the time of recording, the rampant Lightroom 6 rumours had finally died down, but Adobe made sure to keep their name on the minds of photographers by releasing the update, ACR 8.8. Check it out to see if your bodies and glass are now supported!

    Tasty Treats

    A couple of new treats have popped up over the last few months. If you are a fan of Lightroom, the Kelby crew, Scott Bourne or Fujifilm X systems, you’re going to want to listen and learn which new sites / shows are garnering a lot of attention from photographers.


    Part of having an online presence is constantly updating your site whenever possible. The Google Gods decided to round us up like cattle to see who was sporting a mobile friendly site. Be warned, you have until April 21st, 2015 for your site to be mobile friendly compliant, or you will be forced in Google Jail and punished for making your viewers sit at their desk and look at your site on a ….regular computer. Say it isn’t so – the horror! You can check out to see if you are mobile friendly here!

    Another part of branding your business or your fancy self is having a logo. We discuss one of the more popular options these days being used by many businesses, not just photographers.

    Getting the Hell out of Dodge

    Since our guest was unable to attend our third attempt of recording on day three, we decided to switch up the topics and discuss travel prep to places where we have yet to travel where the main purpose is a photo-related trek. In this case, Mac shares the tips and tricks for being well prepped for his upcoming trip to Iceland.

    Hella Expense Squeaky Toy

    Once again totally pasting this from the last 2 episodes, ha ha: One of our Shutter Time pals, Darcy Evans, a local photographer specializing in pet photography is raising funds to cover the surgery costs for his puppychow, Samantha. He is offering limited edition prints of a shoot he did inspired by the well known Coolidge paintings(dogs playing poker)! Check out his YouTube video showing the behind the scenes of this shoot. Wishing Samantha a speedy recovery!

    Join the Convo: 

    You can find us on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus. Of course you can find and subscribe to the show for free via iTunes. If you have the Stitcher App, we’re there as well!

    Thanks as always for tuning in!

    Cheers, y’all!


    Links from the show:

    ACR 8.8 Update

    Google Mobile Friendly Site Check


    We Shoot Fuji / via Scott Bourne

    The Lightroom Show / via Scott Kelby & RC

    Lightroom Killer Tips

    Iceland Travel Blog / via Auður


  4. Episode 101 »» Is Professional Photography Dead?

    February 2, 2015 by Sid

    Shutter Time With Sid and Mac podcast, Episode 101 »» Is Professional Photography Dead?Third Party Gem

    Mac has made it no secret he is fond of third party lenses for his mirrorless bodies and he has spoken about them on the show in the past as well as on his blog. This time he dishes on his relatively new user experience with a high quality used lens that so far, has been worth the cash.

    Are We Immune?

    It’s happened before, yet many in the industry continue to shake their heads and fists when giants like CNN or Chicago Sun Times sack their staff photographers in the name of corporate restructuring, etc etc etc … It’s happened again, this time with longtime sports media org, Sports Illustrated. The decision was down to “economic circumstances and company restructuring.”…which can possibly be translated to iPhone pictures are good enough, yo! Or not. We’re just guessing. Many say readers of the magazine will not care about the quality of photographs, so the question is, are we as visual beings immune to quality photography?

    Tourism Jackpot

    Orgs sacking their photographers are not the only situations where working photographers are taking a hit in some ways. Tourism boards / companies, especially the larger ones, are hugely benefiting from the explosion of sharing your tourism driven photos over social media. Instead of licensing images or even hiring photographers for campaign work, many of these companies are heavily relying on the steady flow of pictures coming their way for free to promote their brand and province / state / country / etc. Sure, some of these orgs are still using paid photographers and are paying for photographs, but it’s safe to say the way business is being done using photographs is continuing to shift. There are definite pros and cons to this growing trend in the tourism industry worth considering.

    Please join us as we discuss the impact moves like Sports Illustrated and Travel Alberta have on the photography industry as a whole and the direct thump it can have on the working photographer. Has the influx of free photographs, good and bad, led organizations to revise their business strategy when it comes to using photography to reflect their corporate vision? Are we making the job far too easy for them? What can we do as photographers to ensure sustainability within the industry or should we just find a way to adapt and move full steam ahead?

    Join the Convo

    Thanks again for all the 100 show wishes and notes, etc. We really appreciate it! Is there something photography related on your mind? Feel free to drop us a line via this site, or you can find us on Twitter, Bookface, G+ and of course, you can subscribe for free via iTunes and the Stitcher app!

    Thanks as always for tuning in!

    Cheers, y’all!


    Links from the show:

    Leica and Fuji / via MiKsMedia

    SI Lays Off All Remaining Staff Photographers / via PetaPixel

    CNN Lays Off Photojournalists  / via PetaPixel (2011)

    Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Entire Photo Staff / via PetaPixel (2013)

    Travel Alberta Blunder, 2009 / via CBC

  5. Episode 100 »» Shutter Time Hits 100, Yo!

    January 19, 2015 by Sid

    Episode 100 »» Shutter Time Hits 100, Yo!Shots for Everyone 

    Before we start strolling down memory lane, marking 100 episodes of this podcast, we take care of some business. After we recorded the show, we were asked by a couple of listeners to limit the Fuji swooning for at least episode 100 or kill it all together for a while. Whoops. Sorry, y’all, we do cover a wee bit of Fuji chat as a follow up to the review we said Mac would deliver, so he does just that! Join us as Mac quickly gives us his thoughts on the Fuji 16mm extension tube, we briefly chat about the most popular cameras according to Flickr folks, and a wee more! Oh, and blame Mac for the celebratory noises, hehehe.

    Stay Gold, Vivian. Stay Gold. 

    It’s been no secret we’ve become fans of the late Vivian Maier’s body of work, and we have discussed her a number of times on the show, including a review of the documentary film, Finding Vivian Maier, between Mac and 2nd time guest, Jamey M. Photo. Earlier in the week, the nominees for the 87th Academy Awards were announced and many photographers were pleased to see the film snag a nod for Best Documentary Feature for John Maloof and Charlie Siskel. You can check out the rest of the list here!

    100 Episodes, Holy Crap, Canon

    Like it says in our bio (sans photos, I know, I know):  Our Shutter Time Roots: After countless hours of conversations and a few shoots together, we realized we should be transferring our gift of gab to a platform where we can reach other photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Shortly after our lightbulb moment and a trip to B&H Photo, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac was born. – this about says it all, folks! 100 episodes and the conversation is still going strong!

    Visiting the Shutter Time Bunker

    We’ve had a good chunk of interviews and special guests, panelists and more drop by the virtual bunker and we’ve been thrilled every single time. In no particular order, we want to thanks all those who took the time to come on the show: Michael, Kasia, Dominick, Andrew, Moose, Ashley, Jamey, Jake, Rob, Alan, Terry, John, Jennifer, Randy, Darlene, Carey & Kelly (The Lonely Photographers), and Dustin. We appreciate it so much and we thank you all for contributing to the show, taking to the mics and exploring the world of photography with us!

    Friendships Are Born

    Becoming friendly with our listeners has allowed us to develop some really great friendships online and in person: Michael, Rob, Alan, Ross, Dom, Scott, Udo, Jamey, Andrew, Mark, the list continues! We look forward to building a few more friendships as the show goes on. But just a few now! 😀

    Not Gonna Go All Bette Midler On Y’all

    ….and spout something about you all being the wind beneath our wings or anything like that, but just know we thank you, our wonderful listeners, for tuning in through the good and the bad, the ups and downs, heated debates, awkward poses, fanboy / fangirl moments (uh, Fuji and Moose, anyone?), Uncle Murphy interruptions, techie blips, countless giggles, big sighs and more. We appreciate every download of the show and more importantly, the excellent interaction and all the support from all of you. Awkward group hug once again!

    Looking Ahead

    The comments, visits, emails and more really mean so much to us and our promise to you is to keep getting better and making a show you’ll want to keep listening to and hopefully, participating in! Look for a revised site, better interaction from us, better photography, and more overall podcast goodness as we head towards the next 100! We look forward to the challenge as we tackle the ever changing world of photography with our mics!

    Join the Convo

    We’d love to hear from you! If you have any show suggestions or comments on anything in your photo-driven minds, please speak up! What do you think of the Oscar nod for FVM? How do you think she would handle the increased hoopla on her body of work? If you shoot macro, do you think an extension tube is the way to go or would you prefer a dedicated macro lens?

    You can find us on Bookface, (Mac), Twitter and Google Plus. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already for free via iTunes. You can also catch up via the Stitcher App!

    Thanks as always for tuning in… and thank you, Mac. :) Let’s go shootin’ sometime, eh?

    Cheers, y’all!

    Sid & Mac!

    shutter time with sid and mac podcast

    Shutter Time Baby Sid

    shutter time with sid and mac podcast

    Shutter Time Little Mac

    Links from the show:

    Macro Photography » Fuji 16mm Extension Review / via Mac

    Camera Trends From Flickr / via PetaPixel 

    Fuji X Buyers Guide Part III / via Zack Arias

    When Love Breaks Down: Why I Sold My Mirrorless

    Oscar Nominations » Finding Vivian Maier

    Episode 52 »» Film Chat with Scott Hutchison

    Episode 59 »» The Neighbors or Peeping Toms? 

    Episode 35 »» Moose Musings: Interview with Moose Peterson

  6. Episode 97 »» Santa’s Bag Returns, Yo!

    December 8, 2014 by Sid

    Episode 97 »» Santa's Bag Returns, Yo!, It's that time of year, y'all! Join us as we dig inside Santa's bag and pull out some great holiday gift ideas for photographers!

    Christmas 2014 image courtesy of Kasia Sokulska

    Candy Cane Wishes

    It’s that time of year, y’all! We are back with our 4th annual Santa’s Bag show! We join the ranks of just about everyone else in the industry with holiday gift suggestions for the photographer type person in your world. Once again, Mac’s wife, Kasia, joins us for the fun! Please tune in as we dig inside Santa’s Bag o’ goodness to see what we come up with.

    Join the Convo

    We’d love to hear some of your holiday gift ideas for photographers! You can find us at FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus and of course, you can subscribe for free at iTunes or check us out at Stitcher.

    Thanks to Kasia for joining us once again on the show! Make sure to check out her lovely work, folks!

    Happy holidays, y’all and thanks as always for tuning in! Truly.


    Links from the show:

    Episode 9 »» Santa’s Bag

    Episode 44 »» The Return Of The Christmas Bag

    Episode 71 »» Santa’s Bag Returns

    Professional Art Hanging System

    Touch Tonic for Gloves

    Keyboard Shortcut Skins

    ROK Espresso Maker

    Heat 3 Smart Gloves

    Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader G2

    Parks Canada Annual Pass

    The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass Series

    Pelican Headlight

    Lenscoat Raingear

    LensCoat RainCoat How-To Video w/ Juan Pons 



  7. Episode 95 »» Don’t Worry, Keep Shooting Photography

    November 10, 2014 by Sid

    Episode 95 »» Don't Worry, Keep Shooting PhotographyFujilicious

    Fuji shooters and gearheads alike have been waiting for the anticipated release of the Fuji XF50-140mm ƒ2.8 lens, so we were naturally curious when some high-res samples were shown from the Fujifilm folks. The 3 sample images, taken by Zack Arias, caused a bit of a buzz from the crowd. Have a listen as we briefly discuss those images. You can also check out more sample images from Rico Pfirstinger, who is also testing out the lens, at his Flickr stream.

    Btw, if you’re looking for the latest Fuji X mount lens roadmap, you can find it here!

    Energy Shift

    I’d guess most of us have worried about what other shooters are doing at one time or the other, eh? What they’re shooting down from the gear, sponsorships, work, workshops, etc. You name it. Having both been highly guilty of this, Mac and I decided to discuss why we have worried about this and what all shooters should be focusing on instead. Please have a listen as we figure out where to shift our energy, curious if others are also feeling the same way and what you have done about it.

    Join the Convo & Hey, Record It

    What are your thoughts of the sample images coming from the Fuji 50-140mm? If you’re a Fuji shooter, will you be adding this to your arsenal o’ gear? Your voice – we would love to hear your thoughts, especially on the main topic – worrying about other photographers. If you have any insight on how you have handled this – if at all, please record an audio clip and we’ll add it to one of our upcoming shows. Please send Mac an email at mac [at] miksmedia [net] or you can leave a message on our Facebook or Twitter and we’ll go from there. Don’t forget you can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher!

    Thanks for tuning in!

    Cheers, y’all!


    Links from the show:

    Fujinon XF50-140mm ƒ2.8 Samples / via

    Rico Pfirstinger’s Fuji 50-140mm Flickr Set

    Fujinon Lens XF50-140mm ƒ2.8 OIS WR

  8. Episode 94 »» Chatting With Dominick Chiuchiolo

    October 30, 2014 by Sid

    Dominick Chiuchiolo photography, Episode 94 »» Chatting With Dominick Chiuchiolo

    Image by Dominick Chiuchiolo

    Oh So Very Late

    We are hella late with publishing the show and for that, we are sorry, y’all! An clusterduck line up of events decided to give Uncle Murphy a run for his money and well, here we finally are. Phew.

    Listener Meet Co-hosts 

    One of our longtime listeners agreed to come on the show for a good ol’ fashioned chat with us! Please have a listen as we get to know the wonderful and interesting chap behind the lens and cool New York accent! We cover it all – Dom’s photography, his passion for his craft, why he doesn’t blog, printing his work, gear chat (mmmm…gear) and more!

    PhotoPlus Expo   

    Photoplus is here and lucky Dominick is heading to the trade floor to check out the goods! There’s been some whispers Canon might make an announcement … let’s see what holds true!

    Join the Convo

    Are you heading to the Photoplus? If you’re a Fuji shooter – what are you most looking forward to from their roadmap? Do you print your work for not only yourself, but friends and family as well? Big thanks to Dom and Udo for all the comments on the blog of late, btw!

    Thanks so much for tuning in, y’all, and a huge thank and cheers to Dom for coming on the show! We had a great time!

    Cheers, y’all!


    Links from the show:

    Dominick » Flickr

    Dominick » 500px

    PhotoPlus Expo 

    PhotoPlus International Conference + Expo

    Fujifilm Roadmap

    Fujifilm Graphite X-T1 

    The Art of Photography  » The Photographer’s Guide to Twitter

  9. Episode 93 »» Photography Blogs, Y’all

    October 14, 2014 by Sid

    Shuttertime with Sid and Mac podcast, Episode 93 »» Photography Blogs, Y'all


    Hmmm, Adobe

    At the Adobe Max conference, some new features for photographers caught the attention of others and since we’re unsure of the benefits, we decided to chat about it. I’m not sure how photographers will feel about changing a photo from morning to night, or adding to removing fog or haze, so it will be interesting to see where this goes and when it appears as an update in CC.

    Episode 47, Revisited

    One of our friends of the show, Udo, chimed it with some feedback about episode 47 » Giving Back / Volunteer Work. He shared a story of the true power photographs can have. Have a listen to the show as we discuss it a bit. You can also find out more info here (translation may be required for some). Thanks for the 411, Udo! Btw, make sure to check out Udo’s work too!

    Black Couch Diaries 

    Sometimes we need to just figure things out with photography and we use and abuse the show in the name of discussion. We hope with our struggles and questions comes clarity, not only for ourselves, but for our listeners. We want to discuss the very things y’all think about and often question yourself. This episode is no exception!

    Photography Blogs » Pain in the Arse or Necessary?

    One of our longtime landscape photographer inspirations very recently chucked his photo blog, stunning many of his followers. His reasoning was simple, but it definitely got us thinking – how important are photography blogs for our career in photography, whether we are working photographers (full or part-time), passionate and dedicated hobbyists or even just starting out? Can these blogs distract our attention and perhaps progress for our work or do the opposite – help us grow as not only photographers, but also communicators? It seems the feeling is often split, so we took to our mics to figure it all out. Or try to. Heh.

    Aussie Invasion

    We absolutely love all the love from our Aussie listeners, old and new, so thanks for taking the time to check us out, y’all. Awkward high five.

    Join the Convo

    Ok, let’s hear it – what are your thoughts on the new features from Adobe? Am I being too crotchety and these features are actually a good thing? Do you feel more features like these will take away from the art of making images, or rather compliment it? Would you like to see more features from Adobe? How essential are photography blogs / articles in your eyes? What kind of online presence do you have when it comes to your photography?  Are there any topics you’d like to see discussed on the show? Please send us a note! You can find us on Twitter, Google Plus (haha, no, really), Bookface and of course, y’all can subscribe free via iTunes and the Stitcher app.

    Assclown Hackers

    Btw, we apologize for the delay in publishing the show … hackers are keeping us on our toes once again (ah, the internet), so WordPress took action and prevented us from publishing on time … mucho sorry.

    Thanks as always for tuning in, mates!

    Cheers, y’all!



    Links from the show:

    Adobe’s New Features for Photographers / via PetaPixel

    Adobe Max 2014

    David de Graaf Photography Story

    Rob Jenkins Photo


  10. Episode 92 »» Photography. Lies, All Lies.

    September 29, 2014 by Sid

    Episode 92 »» Photography. Lies, All Lies., Shutter Time With Sid and Mac podcast, episode 92, we tackle the burning question, is photography real?iPhone 6, Y’all 

    Of course our resident techie already has one of the new iPhones … Mac shares with us one of his operating gripes, doh!

    Foot In Mouth Disease 

    Ahh, I love these moments. It’s no secret we go back and forth regarding websites, themes, design, yadda yadda yadda. This was no exception … tune in to hear Mac’s latest stance on Squarespace. Feel free to also check out *cough* episode 58. Heh.

    Distorted Reality?

    In an attempt to get folks to scratch their heads, we tackled the lingering question, what the hell is photography? Is photography real or rather a distortion of reality? Understand? Yeah, me neither … so join us as we take to the mics to figure this one out.

    Join the Convo, Yo!

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on the show. If you’re an Apple user, did you get the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus yet? Are you as annoyed as Mac? If you wrapped your head around our main topic (well done, you), what are your thoughts? Do you consciously attempt to distort reality when making an image? Is this something we need to do or even be concerned with when making images?

    Die Photo Trends, Die.

    Out of curiosity, what are some photography trends YOU feel need to bugger off? Selfies? Photobombing? Let us know! You can tell us on Bookface, Google Plus, Twitter or ye old blog! Don’t forget you can subscribe for free via iTunes and via the Stitcher app! We want to mention them on one of the upcoming shows. C’mon, vent a little. You know you want to.

    Thanks as always for tuning in, folks, new listeners and longtime ones alike. Always appreciated. True story.

    Cheers, y’all.


    Links from the show:

    Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus


    Chasing The Light / via Ian Plant

    Scott Kelby »» Crushing the Composition 

    George Costanza Photobomb Clip »» After version (image only)