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Episode 121 »» Workflow, Insurance and New York

Episode 121 »» Workflow, Insurance and New York, Shutter Time Photography podcast

Mixed Bag of Nuts

This is my fancy way of saying we have a mishmashed podcast! Please join us as we cover a few things before Mac flees the country for a mini-photo trek!

Switch to Manual

The awesome chaps from the STM podcast have recently celebrated their first year of podcasting! If you haven’t checked them out yet, please give them a listen, subscribe and even high five! Huge congrats to your first year, Tom and Antonio!

Insurance, Yo!

We chat about some insurance woes and tips for your valuable gear in order to be proactive and prepared for the unexpected.

Workflow, Yup.

Adobe, we are talking to you. Again. The struggle is still very real for many photographers, so Mac goes through some of the well documented Lightroom issues and more importantly, the alternatives available for photographers.

New York, New York!

Shutter Time hits NYC. Well, only the male half is.  We briefly cover his upcoming NYC trip!

Join the Convo

Do you have your gear insurance figured out yet? If you have any tips you can share with us and your fellow listeners, please chime in! Workflow in post – are you the many struggling with Lightroom these days? Do you have any alternatives? Please share the wealth and let us know! You can find us at Facebook or Twitter! Of course, you can subscribe for free at iTunes or check us out at Stitcher.

Thanks so much for continuing to support us and the show. We appreciate it so much. Props.


Thanks for listening!

Cheers, y’all!


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Lightroom Woes / via Adobe Blog

On1 – Photo 10

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Corel PaintShop Pro X8

Episode 120 »» Stories with Wally (Camera Exchange)

Shutter Time podcast, Episode 120 »» Stories with Wally (Classic Camera Exchange). We interview Wally from Classic Camera Exchange in Edmonton and chat about Fuji's latest announcement.

Fuji @ PhotoPlus NYC 

As we previously discussed in episode 118, an announcement was expected from the Fuji camp for a new lens and TC. Fujifilm has since officially announced said new lens and 1.4x teleconverter. One of the fujirumors.com users is at PhotoPlus and had a chance to get a hands on perspective of the two new items. Check out the quick report!

Story Time with an Edmonton Fan Favourite

84 year old Wally Franiel from Classic Camera Exchange in Edmonton, Alberta, is a living legend for analog photographers, some could say. Mac dropped by the unique shop last week for a chat with a man who has seen it all. We definitely encourage you to listen to the bonus story-time moment between Wally and Mac at the end of the show. Enjoy the interview!

Shutter Time podcast, Episode 120 »» Stories with Wally (Classic Camera Exchange). We interview Wally from Classic Camera Exchange in Edmonton and chat about Fuji's latest announcement.

Shutter Time podcast, Episode 120 »» Stories with Wally (Classic Camera Exchange). We interview Wally from Classic Camera Exchange in Edmonton and chat about Fuji's latest announcement.

Join the Convo

Are you interested in the new releases from Fuji? Did you attend the PhotoPlus Expo in New York? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Old school camera shops – do you have any in your area? If so, we’d also love to hear about them and see any photos or hear any stories coming from these shops and those who run them. You know you can find us on Bookface or Twitter. You can always subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher if you haven’t already!

Huge thanks and much respect to Wally for taking the time to share your experience with us. You can bet Mac will be back with me in tow next time.

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks. We continue to be so appreciative, truly.

Cheers, y’all!

Shutter Time podcast, Episode 120 »» Stories with Wally (Classic Camera Exchange). We interview Wally from Classic Camera Exchange in Edmonton and chat about Fuji's latest announcement.

Links from the show:

Fujinon XF 35mm ƒ2 R WR Press Release

Fujinon Teleconverter XF 1.4x TC WR Press Release

Hands-on Report 35mm ƒ2 and 1.4x TC  – Fuji Booth @ PhotoPlus NYC / via fujirumors.com



Episode 119 »» The Chosen Image

Episode 119 »» The Chosen Image, breaking news photography, shutter time with sid and mac podcast
Image by Mark Reierson

The Canadian Portraitist Revisited 

We brought back one of our previous guests, Calgary photographer Mark Reierson, to be a guest co-host for the night. Before we dive straight in with our main topic of the night, we took a few moments to catch up with Mark.  Have a listen and find out what he’s been up to!

The Face of the Story – Breaking News Photography

As humans, we often think about historical events and the impact these events have had on our world — our society and ourselves. As photographers, we can take it a step further and wonder why a particular image or a series of images was chosen to visually represent an event. A single image has the power to become the face of history, triumph and far too many times, tragedy. Why?

Many of these well known photographs and the photographers who made them have a collection of awards and other distinctions, including the Pulitzer Prize for one of the current (or former) photography categories. It’s often one or two photos, which remain in our minds – perhaps forever, and it led us to wonder what makes a photograph so powerful it has become the chosen one? We took to our mics to figure this out in an attempt to satisfy our curiosity.

Join the Convo

When you think of the breaking news events in our world, do you look to the photography to help tell the story or skip right to the audio, video and/or text ? Are there any images burned in your brain where they become the image you think of first when it comes to remembering such events? What do you think makes an image so powerful? We’d love to hear your take on this. You can find us on Bookface and Twitter as well as this site. You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher! Thanks to the comments and continued interaction, our friends. Always welcomed and very much appreciated!

Thanks again to Mark for coming back on the show! Please make sure you take a moment or two (or many!) and check out his work. You can also order his book via Blurb here!

Thanks for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

Episode 104 »» 100 Strangers Project w/ Mark Reierson

The Canadian Portraitist

Excuse Me, May I? / book by Mark Reierson

The Pulitzer Prizes | Breaking News Photography 1998-Present

The Pulitzer Prizes | Feature Photography 1968-Present

The Pulitzer Prizes | Photography 1942-1967

The Pulitzer Prizes | Spot News Photography 1968-1999

Moments: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs – updated 2015 (Side note: I could not find a copy online of my 2005 hardcopy edition, so above is the updated one.) 


Episode 118 »» Trophy Hunting with Your Holga Digital?

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac photography podcast, Episode 118 »» Trophy Hunting with Your Holga Digital?

Mmmm …. Fresh Gear

We briefly cover more rumours coming from the Fuji world and the teaser coming straight from the Pentax camp themselves: a full frame body is expected 2016.

Holga 2.0?

You guessed it. Remember the ol’ 120 film Holga cameras many of us used to have or still do? They were cheap, somewhat fun to tinker with, garnered a loyal following and inspired a number of Holga Film Friday blogs. It turns out the love has never left, as there are well over two thousand backers kicking in their hard earned bucks to bring us the Holga Digital.  Check out the Kickstarter for yourself!

Trophy Hunting – Revisited

With the announcement of the new Holga, we remembered there was something even crazier out there – enter the prototype, the Camera Restricta. You guessed it – the idea behind this is to restrict photographers around the globe from taking those same trophy shots we all see and do ourselves. So it begged the question we’ve all asked in the past – should we continue to make images at the most popular locations? Please join us as we revisit this topic.

Join the Convo

How do you feel about the new Holga coming out? Could you see yourself buying one or will you continue to rock your film one? What are your thoughts on the FF Pentax teaser – is this something you are interested in? Making images at iconic locations – do you practice  this? Why or why not? You can find us at Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation flowing! As always, you can subscribe for free via iTunes or check us out via the Stitcher app!

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

Expected announcement and release: Fuji XF 35mm ƒ2 WR Lens and 1.4x Teleconverter / via Fuji Rumors

Full Frame by Pentax

Buy The New Holga Digital Camera / via Fstoppers

Holga Digital Kickstarter

Camera Restricta | Should Photographers Avoid Shooting at the Same Famous Places? / via Fstoppers

Should Photographers Avoid Shooting at the Same Famous Places? / via Fstoppers

Episode 117 »» Forging new paths

Only dust and windShutter Time goes family

So today episode was recorded with my lovely wife, because Sid was abducted by aliens.  Hopefully Sid will be back on the next exciting episode of Shutter Time.

Canon and Zeiss sitting in a tree…

First Canon rumors a 120MP DSLR camera, and we wonder why.

Also Zeiss created a list of Milvus line of lenses for both Canon and Nikon.  They look nice, but are all professional grade.  According to Zeiss the manual focus is an actual feature!

Forging our new paths

Reading the article written by Olivier Du Tre we jumped into long lasting discussion.  The article questions our need for assurance that we are doing something right.  This touches on our need for Social Media, and contact with other photographers.  This made us think about purging social media accounts.  Also this leads to being extremely selfish on the internet, with out giving voice to other photographers that we may deem worthy of our voice.  Should we share their work when we come across something that we really like?  How many of us actually do that, and not because of we expect something in return?

Switch to Manual Portfolio Reviews

This is great news coming from our friends at Switch to Manual.  It’s a portfolio review.  Here is a direct quote from their site:

“We offer several different review packages to choose from, including a free option. You choose the package that’s right for you, digitally “drop off” your portfolio with us, and we’ll personally review it.

We will make an audio recording of the full review and send a downloadable mp3 audio file back to you. You’ll hear us go over each image you send, letting you know what you did right and what didn’t work out so well. We’ll offer tips to improve the image as well as any other advice we may come up with.”

These guys know what they are talking about, and I think it would be a great experience.

Show Links

Canon 120MP DSLR – http://petapixel.com/2015/09/08/canon-were-building-a-120-megapixel-dslr/

Zeiss Milvus Lenses – http://petapixel.com/2015/09/10/zeiss-unveils-a-new-milvus-line-of-lenses-for-canon-and-nikon-dslrs/

Switch to Manual Portfolio Review – http://switchtomanual.com/portfolio-reviews/

Olivier Du Tre Article – http://blog.olivierdutre.com/2015/09/why-is-everybody-following-same-path.html