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Episode 163: Film Chat with Dominic Chiuchiolo

After more than a year, we got in touch with an old Friend from New York, to see how the photographic world has changed.
Changes have been pretty substantial, as Dominic start shooting film in a serious way.
Now he develops b&w, color, and slide film.

The journey is getting more interesting as well.

So have you though of getting into film? Have you though about developing yourself?
We would love to hear from you!

Links from the show: Dominic’s Flickr

Episode 115 »» The Lonely Owl

Lonely OwlAlone

I’m all alone today.  Sid could not record, because of evildoers.  She is very sorry, and by listening to the show, I’m too.  It’s hard to do unscripted show.  Yikes.

IR… like really Fuji??

Fuji announced a brand new camera… or a old camera with stuff removed and price jacked up.  It’s a new Fuji X-T1 IR.  Everything is the same, except the infra-red filter is removed.  It would be nice if the actual body was red or something.  Sorry it makes no sense.

Oh Mamamiya!!!

So I’m a traitor, and a masochist.  Just listen to the show and be amazed at my marooniness 🙂


Episode 68 »» Dear Vivian Maier

 Before we discuss / swoon over the work of Vivian Maier, we tackle some gear news!

episode 68, Dear Vivian Maier, Shutter Time, podcast, yegphoto

 Mmmm … Fresh Gear … Again

Ahh, the gear race heats up once again! Canon is nowhere to be found, but Nikon and Sony are making sure we are keeping their names fresh on our minds. With the release of the full frame mirrorless systems from Sony and these crazy rumours and delicious teasers from Nikon, as part of their ‘Pure Photography’ series, it remains an interesting time in the world of all things camera gear. Not gonna lie — those Nikon video teasers (1, 2 and the latest) are intriguing and actually sound pretty sexy, so I’m definitely waiting to see what comes down the pipe. After bashing the NEX systems last show, of course Sony proves me wrong with the release of the good looking a7R and a7, 36MP and 24MP, respectively. Check out the excellent hands on review from Steve Huff!

Find of the Century

I’m sure our Shutter Time friend / partner-in-crime, Scott Hutchison, might say this is an understatement, but regardless we’re thrilled he shared the wealth with Mac and we got to check out Vivian Maier’s work. Mac is very fussy when it comes to photography books, so we know this book is a must read! A jaw dropping and off the charts amazing story + upcoming documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, add a unique mystery and intrigue to her incredible body of work. We discuss her work, the film and what her work means to photography today. Please have a listen and we hope you take the time to check out her story; it’s most definitely worth your time.

Bits ‘n Bites

Has your interest been piqued from either Nikon or Sony? What do you think of the new full frame mirrorless bodies or are you still sticking with the good ol’ DSLRs? Are you aware of the story behind the discovery of Vivian Maier’s work? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please chime in! As always, you can subscribe for free to the show via iTunes and the Stitcher app. We’re always on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Please drop us a line!

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!



Links from the show:

Sony a7 + a7R Mirrorless Systems

Nikon Teasers + Video / via Nikon Rumors

Vivian Maier » Street Photography Book

Vivian Maier » Site

Finding Vivian Maier Documentary » Trailer

Miroslav Tichý » Czech Photographer w/Homemade Camera / via fstoppers




Episode 41 ~ Third Party Lenses

Shutter Time With Sid and Mac Episode 41 ~ Third Party LensesHolding Hands

Before we start yapping about third party lenses, we have to say, it’s been a nice change of pace to see photographers coming together, whether just for friendly chit chat when out shooting or to band together for a passionate project. Therefore, we briefly chat about the goodness of all things photographers. Aw. 

It’s A Party, Yo!

Maybe not the kind of party you were hoping for, but we discuss the pros of looking outside of the norm and using third party lenses, as well as swapping out different brand lenses on different bodies. What, Canon on Nikon? Say it isn’t so!

Bits ‘n Bites

Come on over and hangout on Facebook, where Mac and others will critique images for the sake of good ol’ photography conversation. We’re also on Google +, The Twitters, you can leave a comment here, and of course, you can subscribe for free on iTunes. Tell us what’s on your mind, would ya?

Thanks as always for tuning in. As our old friend, Missy, would say, knuckles across the net, yo!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

 3rd Party Lenses ~ Fuji X-Pro 1 :: Mac Sokulski / Jim Gamblin