Episode 164 »» Why We Record the Shutter Time Podcast

Episode 164 »» Why We Record the Shutter Time Podcast

Shutter Time » In This Corner Just kidding. That was episode Episode 161 »» Lightroom Battle, though we do a quick follow-up to the ongoing software battle on this episode. Please join us as we discuss why we continue to do this show and what we personally get out of it. Hint: you know these people very well….

Episode 163 »» Film Chat with Dominick Chiuchiolo

Our Great Pal. After more than a year, we got in touch with an old friend from New York to see how his photographic world has changed. Changes have been pretty substantial as Dominick is now start shooting film in a serious way. He also develops black and white, colour, and slide film. The journey is getting more interesting as well….

Episode 162: Renee Robyn

Sid unfortunately is missing in action, so I turned on the Bat Signal and it was answered by our great friend Usually Dave from Digitalsoup podcast! In this episode we had a great honor to chat with Renee Robyn.  She’s a digital artist, photographer, and avid traveler.  We talked about her inspiration for her projects,…

Episode 161 »» Lightroom Battle: In This Corner

Gloves Are Off Who knew something as simple as inventory management/post-processing software could cause such a ripple through the Shutter Time airwaves, though I suppose that’s just how things roll at times. Google announced they will no longer be updating their Nik software collection and many photographers are none too happy with this move, even…

Episode 160 »» Photographic Thumbprints with Usually Dave

Our Bad.  Well, really – it’s my bad. Episode 160, rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 were recorded, however due to technical issues, I pretty much chucked the episode (ah, my solo Shutter Time debut), which was finished and cut, because I was ridiculously irritated with the tech woes. So, blame me for not having…