Behind the Microphones

Behind the Mics with Sid and Mac:

We may work in the fields of health & safety and IT respectively, but it is the world of photography which occupies our minds most of the time.

Our Shutter Time Roots:

After countless hours of conversations and a few shoots together, we realized we should be transferring our gift of gab to a platform where we can reach other photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Shortly after our lightbulb moment and a virtual trip to B&H Photo, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac was born.

He Said / She Said: 

She loves to make outdoor images and look for wildlife, weathered structures and beautiful light. The Canadian Rockies and bacon-loving grizzly bears make her grin and she thinks shooting in the dirt is fun. She wants to be Moose Peterson when she grows up and has become obsessed with the art of printing her work. She has also been thinking about entering the drone world to change things up a bit. She is still all about decking out her gear in Realtree camo lenscoats. Obviously.

He can’t pick and choose and insists on shooting it all. From landscapes to street photography to travel and boudoir, he takes it all seriously and puts his own spin on the game. He also looks like a combination of Indiana Jones and a National Geographic photographer on assignment from the 80s. True story. These days, you will find him on photo adventures with his wife and tinkering with medium format film whilst laying on frozen lakes to shoot the methane bubbles as he perfects the “art of arting”.

We are both highly opinionated, love photography, our wide-open Alberta skies and prairies, Elk Island, the IT Crowd and cannot live without our cameras. We are trying to #changetheconversation when it comes to photography one episode at a time. Welcome to our podcast.

Check out our latest show and please contact us with any questions or feedback using our ‘contact us’ form at the top of the page!

Oh, and since y’all have asked nicely, updated co-host photos coming at least by autumn, 2020. Probably.


6 Responses to Behind the Microphones

  1. Rob says:

    Hi guys – just discovered your show and have to say I really like it! It’s refreshingly different! Great job..


  2. Mark R says:

    You guys need to post some sort of head shots here 😉

    • Sid says:

      Rascal. As quoted above, “Oh, and since y’all asked nicely, co-host photos coming at least by autumn, 2020 …Probably.” 😛

  3. Bob says:

    I use both LR and PS and they work well for me. Mac I tried On1 and with that new version I tried it and got a refund. It was buggy and I did not want to be a beta tester. Makes huge files.

    Try luminar it’s the best of the bunch. I have Dxo Optics they were giving away the old version and it’s excellent I may the new version at some point. Noise reduction is great and massive database of lens and bodies. Don’t know if it’s still free.

    I can’t stand photo mechanic. License is for one computer. I use my old version of the photo browser in On1 10.5. I can put it on my iMac and MacBook.

    • Sid says:

      Howdy Bob! Sorry about the super late reply (we are rubbish with blogs it seems). Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had issues with on1. I have high hopes for them and moving forward, I will keep watch of their product updates and once I find a less buggy version, I’ll gladly give it another go. Will you be doing so down the road or will you stick with 10.5?

      I’ll definitely check out Luminar … thanks for the tip. I don’t mind paying for software as long as it is not too steep with the exchange rate and is worth it. Still haven’t tried Photo Mechanic, but it is on the list as well.

      Thanks for tuning in and for your user experience with software. It helps hearing this info from others. 🙂


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