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Episode 62 »» Trophy Hunting



Fuji News

Yep focus peaking is here, but is it really that great… Mac will tell you.  Also in the Fuji camp, the botched firmware upgrade for Fuji X-Pro1… means that one had problems recording movies…. yawn!

Sigma is back….

Not only there are rumors of a new Sigma 24-70 F2 lens, but Sigma just announced a program to change your recent Sigma lens mount to Canon or Nikon, Pentax or Sony.  Don’t have to buy new lenses anymore.  Just sell your Canon body, buy a Nikon, and send your Sigma lens to have it’s mount changed.  Save some money in the process.  Finally!

Big shout out goes to Marko Kulik from a podcast.  Marko must have listened to our last podcast and our questions about telling stories with our images, and he answered our questions on his show. In episode 120 – How to Create Interesting Stories Through Your Photography  , Marko explains the process very well.  Have a listen, I’m sure it will help 🙂

Trophy Hunting

I’m sure we all have done that.  Visited a famous place and captured that famous shot, which everyone has captured millions of times.  Is this good, bad, or ugly?  While we discuss this phenomenon, notice Mac’s issues with a certain place in the world.

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Links from the show:

Fuji X-Pro1 Updates

Sigma 24-70 F2 Lens

Sigma Lens Mount change program – Episode 120 How to Create Interesting Stories Through Your Photography

Episode 48 ~ Gear, the Final Frontier


Space the Canadian Frontier

You might wonder, how a country of 20 can have it’s own Space Agency… we do.  We also are very proud of Commander Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut currently living aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  What’s really cool about this, is that he has been taking stunning photographs of our little world from up there. These stunning photographs and more can be found at his twitter account.  So, go follow him right now!  We also found some apps that you can use to follow the ISS in the skies, and when it’s overhead, go outside and wave.  Maybe you’ll end up in one of his images!

ISS Tracker for Android

NASA App for iOS


There were a lot of new things at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, that made us smile, and a few that made us cringe. One of those was the new Polaroid IM1836, an Android based camera with interchangeable lenses.  Also the new Canon PowerShot N, makes Sid roll her eyes, but Mac thinks it’s kinda cute.  Of course the Fuji rumors came true and the replacement for the X100 is here, with all the glory of focus peaking, phase and contrast detection AF, and other cool features.  What makes us scratch our heads in wonder is the fact that this is a fixed lens camera, with the fastest AF… so what’s the focus peaking for??

Why do we upgrade our gear?

Since we are talking about gear, and all this new gear makes us salivate, like Pavlov’s puppy… we have to ask ourselves why do we upgrade our gear??  Do we have to upgrade, or is it just a clever ploy, by the camera manufacturers, to spend more and more…

Thank you All for listening!


Links from the Show

Commander Chris Hadfield

ISS Tracker for Android

NASA App for iOS

Polaroid IM1836

Canon PowerShot N

Fuji X100S

Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenge

Darwin Wiggett – Using your zoom lens for story telling

Episode 1 »» Podcast Introductions

Episode 1 »» Podcast Introductions

Welcome To Shutter Time

This is our premiere podcast! It maybe a bit rough around the edges, but I promise it will be better and better, as my mad audio editing skills will improve, as will the hosts of the show once we get our feet wet. We have submitted the show to iTunes, so expect it there soon. We’re looking forward to hearing from you all, with tips, ideas, etc etc.  Thank you for listening! We hope you enjoy the show.

Have A Listen

You can listen now online by clicking the lil’ play button below, or download the podcast directly to your computer. Stay tuned for our iTunes announcement.