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Episode 163: Film Chat with Dominic Chiuchiolo

After more than a year, we got in touch with an old Friend from New York, to see how the photographic world has changed.
Changes have been pretty substantial, as Dominic start shooting film in a serious way.
Now he develops b&w, color, and slide film.

The journey is getting more interesting as well.

So have you though of getting into film? Have you though about developing yourself?
We would love to hear from you!

Links from the show: Dominic’s Flickr

Episode 162: Renee Robyn

Sid unfortunately is missing in action, so I turned on the Bat Signal and it was answered by our great friend Usually Dave from Digitalsoup podcast!

In this episode we had a great honor to chat with Renee Robyn.  She’s a digital artist, photographer, and avid traveler.  We talked about her inspiration for her projects, challenges, and what makes, this amazing artist tick.


Links from the show:

Renee Robyn Photography:

Renee on YouTube:

Renee at 500px:

Renee at Creative Live:

Renee at RGG Edu:

Episode 152 »» Female Landscape Photographers w/ Kasia

Female Power

It’s been too long since we’ve had Mac’s lovely wife and fellow photographer, Kasia, on the show, so we asked her to join us so her and I can gang up on Mac and talk about female stuff. Jay Patel (husband to Varina Patel and one of two head chiefs over at Visual Wilderness), penned a small series on the challenges female landscape photographers face. A fantastic topic, right? After we picked the posts apart a bit, we took to the mics to discuss the points Jay makes in the series and take it a step further to add to the conversation. A lot of the points are gender neutral and address some challenges women and men all face in photography.


Join the Convo

We’d love to hear about your thoughts on the points raised on the show and in the articles. Do you have challenges you face as a male or female photographer? How do you overcome these challenges? Please chime in and continue the convo with us! You can find us on Twitter and Bookface. Of course you can subscribe for free via iTunes or Stitcher!


Thanks again to Kasia for joining us! Please make sure to check out Kasia’s work! You can find her on Twitter or Flickr!


Thanks for listening, folks!


Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Female Landscape Photographers – Managing Equipment

Female Landscape Photographers – Dealing with Safety

Female Landscape Photographers – Looking for Equal Opportunity

Female Landscape Photographers – Chasing Credibility

Female Landscape Photographers – Being Respected

Varina Patel » Photography by Varina

Jay Patel Photography

Sarah Marino » 500px

Episode 135 »» New RAW processors and shame

Bridge of OrchyMaking fun of Sony and Canon

Making fun of Sony and Canon never gets old.  Especially when both companies have clearly forgotten that the megapixel war has finished.  Sony 72megapixel and Canon 120 megapixel cameras have been rumored.


It looks like Adobe had finally got some competition in the RAW market.  Two new contenders from Corel and On1 are vying  for the RAW file processing space.  Corel’s After Shot 3 has almost the same features as Adobe’s Lightroom, and the price at 80CDN is hard to beat.  Also it is the only one that will run on Linux.  On1 on the other hand only announced their On1 Photo Raw.  It’s going to combine their photo editing/filter suite with a RAW processor.  Exciting times!  Maybe Adobe will actually start working on their photo suite.


It’s tough time to call ourselves Canadian, without hanging our head in shame.  The latest stunt perpetrated by four yahoos in Yellowstone park, just for the sake of a “better shot”.  A lot similar incidents popped up on the tubes, like angry hairy moles.  Old buildings being set on fire, just because some maroon photographer wanted a good shot.  We got our inspiration from an article my Missy MWAC about photographers becoming like pigeons…

Join the Conversation

Let us know what do you think about the new RAW processors being announced, and the main topic of the show.  Are we as photographers immune to the rules of mere mortals?

Links from the Show

Canon 120mpx

Sony A9

After Shot 3

On1 Photo Raw

Missy MWAC – Photographers Become like Pigeons

Filmmaker caught

Episode 129 »» Chat with Kasia and Olaf Sztaba.

kasia and olaf sztaba
kasia and olaf sztaba

Kasia and Olaf

Although Kasia and Olaf primarily photograph landscapes, they don’t shy from other genres of photography.  A very versatile Fuji couple.  We had a great time chatting with them, even though Sid could not make it to the show.

Lots of great tips on being or not being a Fuji X-Photographer, and how to be more selective with your images.  How to work together using and sharing one camera system, yet still create great images.

I think you will enjoy it, even though part of the show is actually in Polish 🙂

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Links from the show

Kasia and Olaf photo blog