Episode 129 »» Chat with Kasia and Olaf Sztaba.

kasia and olaf sztaba
kasia and olaf sztaba

Kasia and Olaf

Although Kasia and Olaf primarily photograph landscapes, they don’t shy from other genres of photography.  A very versatile Fuji couple.  We had a great time chatting with them, even though Sid could not make it to the show.

Lots of great tips on being or not being a Fuji X-Photographer, and how to be more selective with your images.  How to work together using and sharing one camera system, yet still create great images.

I think you will enjoy it, even though part of the show is actually in Polish 🙂

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Links from the show

Kasia and Olaf photo blog

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One thought on “Episode 129 »» Chat with Kasia and Olaf Sztaba.”

  1. Hey guy’s, I really enjoyed the podcast. It was nice hearing the Polish dialect at the beginning. I couldn’t understand anything until you said Sid and Mac but It was fun to listen to 🙂 I can relate to Olaf’s story of his mother influencing his photography as my mother has done the same. She has always documented our lives with a camera and always points out the colors and beauty in this world. She loves the small details. It was great to hear Kasia again. 🙂 The last time I heard your two voices together Mac, was at the airport. 🙂 I enjoyed Olaf’s story and I am glad that his health is good now. I thank them for sharing their story and their tips on photography. Great images on the blog by the way! It was a great interview and I learned a lot from it. So nice to hear something different and honest. Take care guy’s and keep clicking that shutter! Dom

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