Episode 65 »» Socializing Socialists

Before we get down to business and revisit social media for photographers, we cover some news and other photo tidbits …

ep65 - Socializing Socialists - miksmedia.netAdobe, Yo!

They listened to their users and have reduced their monthly subscription pricing for LR5 and Photoshop to 9.99! We discuss the changes and what this means for you!

Mmmm … Fresh Gear

Looks like the full frame NEX rumours are closer to being a sure thing. We also chat about new crazy cool lenses from Sony, which just might take smartphone photography to a new level.

Oh, Apple 

During the keynote earlier this month, the Senior VP of Marketing tied the knickers of some in a knot with his comments about Apple’s latest iPhone making photography easy just for you. Aw, how sweet. You can check out the keynote here!

Punch. Also, snort.

Keeping It Social

We dive in and discuss the ins and outs of staying relevant online with your photography. It is necessary and do we all put too much stock in our online presence as opposed to being behind the lens? You know we had to bring up Facebook’s proposed changes to their TOS and more.

Bits n’ Bites

If you’re not already, will you become a creative cloud user? What are your thoughts about the proposed Facebook TOS changes? Do you think there is a strategy for staying relevant in photography both on and offline? We’d love to hear your thoughts and more!

Speaking of Socializing

You can find us online via the Twitters, Facebook, Google Plus (listen for the crickets). You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and if you have the Stitcher app, you can hit us up there as well.

Thanks as always for tuning in, friends!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Abobe Creative Cloud – 9.99

Sony QX10 and QX100 Lenses / dpreview

Full Frame Sony NEX? / Sony Alpha Rumors

Apple Keynote / Petapixel

Facebook TOS Changes/ Photofocus




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6 thoughts on “Episode 65 »» Socializing Socialists”

  1. I enjoyed the show and especially liked the discussion on Social Media. When Mac was visiting we had a similar discussion. I have to agree with you both that there is limited value in Facebook from a business perspective for me. All of the business and customers that I have on the photography side have been due to face-to-face networking, word of mouth, or referrals from existing customers.

    I think Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with fellow photographers, but as an arm in my overall marketing strategy is of little value. In fact I may eventually dump my Facebook business page and continue to do business the old fashion way.

    Keep up the great work – I consider you both “Internet Stars”

    1. Hey hey Michael! Long time no chat! Cheers for continuing to tune in, my friend. Sorry we’re late with the reply. It definitely seems like the three of us are on the same wavelength – while social media is most definitely beneficial, I prefer the old school face-to-face networking as well. It’s interesting to learn you are thinking of ditching Facebook (or Bookface, for you, Mac!) for your biz page; I often wonder if I’m missing out by not being on Facebook at all, but I just have no interest and would rather try to find clients via another platform. Still trying to figure out the game!

      As for the internet stars — haha, you big chunk of charm! 🙂 Just for that, we are extending another invite for you to come back on the show. Seriously though — say the word and we’ll make it happen!

      Thanks again, Michael. Much appreciated!

      1. Hi Sid & Mac,

        Let me know when you would like me to join in – I would be happy to participate.

        On the social media front I’ve deactivated my personal page for a week now and seems no one has noticed. Next I’ll make my business page private and see what happens. I’ll report back ?

        1. Hey Michael! Excellent — we’re glad you’re ready to rock with mics again! I’ll chat with Mac and we’ll set something up. 🙂

          Interesting about Facebook — has anyone noticed in the past week? Did you make the biz page private yet? Keep us posted. Regardless of the topic(s) of our upcoming chat, you should mention this Facebook experiment if you’re comfortable. Old school ways of networking still do work — I love it! Cheers for the update so far!

  2. Hi Michael! I wonder how many photographers actually receive work, be it prints, assignments, licensing, etc, via their Facebook biz pages? Hmm … Glad you’re enjoying less social media clutter. It’s the way to go for many, myself included.

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