Episode 31 ~ Fuji, Drobo, and Sharing, Oh My!

The Sharing Circle

We had a great question come in from fellow photographer, Michael Van der Tol, and we took it to the show to see how other photographers feel. Tune in to see what the heck we’re talking about and let us know what your take on this is.

All Things Drobo

Scott Kelby posted an interesting article about Drobo, which we just had to bring up on the show, even though we discussed Drobo as part of a backup system last week. Have a listen and let us know if you use Drobo. If not, what is your preferred method of backing up your work?

More Than Just A Fuji 

Of course we bring up the oh so cherished Fuji X-Pro 1. Join us as Mac discovers just how versatile this little beast truly is.

Techie Woes

Skype and Shaw internet (here in Canada) have been putting us through the paces of late, so we apologise if there are any gaps, snags or snafus during the show! We’re working on some solutions so we don’t have to look for the ol’ bottle of JD after every recording session. Wish us luck!

Bits n’ Bites

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Links from the show

Scott Kelby: Drobo Article



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2 thoughts on “Episode 31 ~ Fuji, Drobo, and Sharing, Oh My!”

  1. Hi Sid & Mac, I figured I should come “clean” and give you my answer to the question.

    I could not continue to photograph if I wasn’t able to share what I capture with others. Why? Well part of what I enjoy is seeing how different people react to the photos I produce. And I don’t mean your typical “great shot” Flickr comment, I mean the kind of comments you overhear when people see a photograph in person for the first time. I get a thrill out of hearing people say that a particular photograph reminds them of something; whether that is a place they had visited, a special event from their past or a just a “feeling” they have when they see an image.

    What others see, feel or recollect is so different from what I think when I look at one of my photos. I think of things like, where I was when I took the picture; what the weather was like; how I found the location; how I edited the photo, etc. All very “mechanical” things. If I was unable to share my photography I would miss “the interpretation” of others. And it turns out, in addition to all the front-end creation stuff, I really enjoy that part of the process.

    1. The reaction of others is an important part, but for me it’s not why I create images. What I like to photograph and what my style is, does not depend on the audience. I think that by creating images I fulfill my inner narcissism, the need to create, thus the external audience is not necessary, but on the other hand very very welcomed.

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