Episode 116 »» Street Chat with Marco & Antonio

Episode 116 »» Street Chat with Marco & Antonio, Join us as we team up with fellow photographers and podcasters, Marco Larousse and Antonio Rosario, as we discuss recent articles questioning the changing landscape of street photography.
Photos by Marco Larousse and Antonio Rosario

Shutter Times Goes International

Sort of. Mac and I might be tucked away somewhere in the Alberta prairies, but we felt the international bond with fellow photographers and podcasters, Macro Larousse and Antonio M. Rosario, from We Shoot Fuji and Switch to Manual, respectively.

Hitting the Street

Marco and Antonio are both accomplished street photographers, so who better to rock the mics for a lil’ street chat? That’s right – no one.  A couple of articles grabbed our attention about the state of street photography today. American Photo picked up on the trend of increasing numbers of street images hitting the pages of Instagram, changing the landscape of street photography. Huffington Post begs us to take a good look at the quality and quantity of street photography images flooding the online world today.

Please join us as we tackle this complex subject and ultimately have a good ol’ fashioned photography chat.

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What are your thoughts on street photography? Has Instagram become an effective tool for street photographers today to share life on the streets with us or has it become so saturated and the lines become so blurred, it’s hard to separate quality from quantity?  You can keep the conversation going with us on Bookface, Twitter or this site! You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher.

Thanks again to both Antonio and Marco for coming on the show (Marco’s second time with us) for a straight shooter, straight up type of conversation. Don’t forget to check out their work and also their podcasts (links below). You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks as always for tuning in! Much appreciated. Truly.

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

Marco Larousse (site) :: Twitter :: We Shoot Fuji Podcast

Antonio M. Rosario (site) :: Twitter :: Instagram :: Switch to Manual Podcast 

How Instagram Changed Street Photography / via American Photo

Street Photography Has No Clothes / via Michael Ernest Sweet, Huffington Post

Episode 111 »» Going Analog & Digital w/ Marco Larousse

Episode 115 »» The Lonely Owl

Lonely OwlAlone

I’m all alone today.  Sid could not record, because of evildoers.  She is very sorry, and by listening to the show, I’m too.  It’s hard to do unscripted show.  Yikes.

IR… like really Fuji??

Fuji announced a brand new camera… or a old camera with stuff removed and price jacked up.  It’s a new Fuji X-T1 IR.  Everything is the same, except the infra-red filter is removed.  It would be nice if the actual body was red or something.  Sorry it makes no sense.

Oh Mamamiya!!!

So I’m a traitor, and a masochist.  Just listen to the show and be amazed at my marooniness :)


Episode 114 »» Shutter Time Gear Dreams

Episode 114 »» Shutter Time Gear Dreams, The now retired Pacific Western Airlines (PWA)  Boeing 737-200 C-GIPW (Fleet #745) now rests at Villeneuve Airport, outside of Edmonton, during a late spring morning in June 2015, having flown for the last time on November 29th, 2013. The 737 will be part of the upcoming Alberta Flying Heritage Museum at Villeneuve Airport. Sidney Blake Photography. No. 2400.

Dream Dream Dream

After finding out I need to make some gear choices, we’ve been discussing gear of late and decided to take to the mics and have a good ol’ fashioned gear chat. Old gear. Used gear. New gear. And non-existent gear alike … what is our dream gear and what would we like to see in the industry today? We cover bodies, lenses (sort of), and camera bags to start with.

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What is your satisfaction level with your gear? Are you wanting to upgrade or change your current lineup? Do you see the value of used gear vs. new? What would you like to see in the industry today – what is your dream camera body and does it even exist? Please chime in with your gear thoughts and wants and needs. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter  Of course you can find and subscribe to the show for free via iTunes. If you have the Stitcher App, we’re there as well!

Thanks so much for tuning in and all the great feedback. Much appreciated! Shoutout to Chris for the great email and ideas!

Cheers, y’all!



Episode 113 »» Pictures, Always Pictures

Morning dew

It’s not Fuji time

Today we had a chat on the new DXO One camera… which to Sid it looks like a stamp.  Also a new Panasonic camera, which allows to choose focus points after the picture is taken.  What will they think of next :)

Is there always a picture?

We try to answer a question: “is there always an image to be made?”, and we fail miserably.  Lets put it this one, at the end of the show we both switch our views, and end up more confused.

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Do you think there is always an image to be made?  No matter the conditions, or circumstances?  Let us know, either in comments or our bookface or twitter.

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

New DXO one Camera for your iphone.  http://www.dxo.com/us/dxo-one

Post focus shots on Panasonic cameras / via Digital Photographer

Episode 112 »» Restricted Choices

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac photography podcast, Episode 112 »» Restricted Choices, yegphoto, yegcasts; Working pumpjack in rural Alberta during a mid-winter sunrise. Sidney Blake Photography. No. 1784.

It’s Fuji Time

Firmware 4.0 has been released for the Fujifilm X-T1 / Graphite X-T1 and Mac gives us a rundown of the updates and how it’s improved the camera.

Self Imposed Restrictions and Choices

It’s super easy to continue along with our photography without truly being aware of the choices we make with all aspects of our craft. What’s often easier to slip by us are the restrictions we impose on ourself – often without realizing it. A quick article and a couple of chats with some listeners inspired us to take extend the convo by hitting up our mics. Please have a listen and see if you recognize yourself in the chat and what we as photographers can do to make sure we are doing right by ourselves and ultimately, our photography. I may or may not feel exposed after this one … doh!

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If you’re a Fuji X-T1 shooter – what are your thoughts on the latest firmware update? What all are you looking for to make your X camera complete? Have you self restricted yourself with your photography? How so and more importantly, did you make any changes to free up your craft? Keep joining in and head to our Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation flowing! As always, you can subscribe for free via iTunes or check us out via the Stitcher app!

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!


Links from the show:

Fuji X-T1 Firmware Update/ via Fujifilm Global

Disappointed w/ Fuji X-T1 Firmware 4.0? / via fujirumors.com

Self Imposed Restrictions / via Fstoppers



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