Episode 111 »» Going Analog & Digital w/ Marco Larousse

shutter time with sid and mac podcast, Episode 111, Going Analog & Digital w/ Marco Larousse

He’s known online as an official Fujifilm X Photographer, a proponent of analog photography and lives in the digital world. Talented German street photographer, Marco Larousse, joins us for a good old fashioned discussion about all things photography.

Please join us for this jam-packed show as we learn more about the man behind the camera. We cover street photography, analog files, digital living, you guessed it – Fuji, and more!

Longer Is Better 

This show is now our longest episode to date, but it’s a goodie! The conversation just kept flowing and when this happens, we keep going. Sit back, relax and get ready to be entertained as we chat all things Marco  Larousse!

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Please take a moment and check out his outstanding work! You will not be disappointed.

Huge thanks to Marco for joining us and sharing your photo stories with us all! Thanks as always for tuning in, folks!

Cheers, y’all!
Links from the show:

Marco’s Twitter: @HamburgCam
Marco’s FujiXFiles Blog 

TWIP – Street Focus 39: On Shooting Film

We Shoot Fuji 
We Shoot Fuji Podcast / with Scott Bourne & Marco Larousse


Episode 110 »» Sensitive Insensitive Photography

Episode 110 »» Sensitive Insensitive Photography
Taken with the Fuji XF 16mm ƒ1.4

Photographic Detachment?

An article from a pro photographer spotted on Twitter caught our attention. He was defending his dedication to his craft, attempting to buck the myth photography was not about luck when it comes to seeking out his subject, nailing the image and capturing something beautiful.

From what I remember – I didn’t save the article or favourite the tweet, my bad – he was fed up with being asked by folks, including other photographers, what kind of camera he had because it must be the reason he took such a lovely photo. We decided to take to the mics and see if we can figure this one out.

Ansel, We Have A Problem

As photographers, are we broken? Is our industry broken beyond repair? How can we turn the tables on the industry and get back to appreciating the many photographs which were made from the photographer’s talent, skill and time?

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Have we become so insensitive to photography we are quick to judge those making images, assuming the greatest and latest gear is solely or at least mainly responsible? What are your thoughts? Please chime in! You can find us on Bookface and Twitter. Of course you can also subscribe for free via iTunes or Stitcher!

Thanks for tuning in, folks.

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

Department of Interior’s Twitter Account

Photographic Research, circa 2008 / via Michael Mauro


Episode 109 »» It’s Fuji Time, Y’all

Episode 109 »» It's Fuji Time, Y'all, fuji x-t1
Taken w/ the Fuji XF 16mm ƒ1.4 WR lens
Episode 109 »» It's Fuji Time, Y'all, fuji x-t1
Taken w/ the Fuji XF 16mm ƒ1.4 WR lens

The F Word

There are moments where Fuji chat has its place and episode 109 is one of them. Given our recent fanboy episode, we are well aware it’s probably insane to talk about a particular brand, but here we are. We are a fan of brands who keep the photo faith by listening to their customers and right now, for the most part, Fuji is fitting the bill. But lately so is Canon to some degree and perhaps we shall chat about them and other brands in our next gear-themed show.


More updates / releases have come out of the Fuji camp, so please join us as we talk about the latest firmware and some fresh gear!

X Mount Lens Roadmap 

There are two roadmaps floating around right now. The official roadmap as found on the Fujifilm sites, updated February 2015 and then the latest to be posted by several websites, including Fuji Rumors. Below is the official one. We’ll post the updated May / June 2015 roadmap once it’s available on Fuji’s site.

Fuji x mount lens roadmap Feb 2015, Episode 109 »» It's Fuji Time, Y'all

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If you’re not a fan of the Fuji, is there any recent gear news you’d like to share, please let us know! We love gear chat, old and new, tried and true. David, you know we are talking to you! :)

Should you be a Fuji X Series shooter, please let us know what you think about the latest firmware update and your thoughts on the newest gear! Anything tickle your fancy?

You can find us via Twitter and Bookface! We’d love to hear your thoughts and what’s on your photographic mind! You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher!

Thanks as always for tuning in, folks.

Cheers, y’all!


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Fujifilm X Magazine No. 9

Fujifilm X-T1 Firmware Update Version 4.00

Fujinon 16mm ƒ1.4 Lens Review / via We Shoot Fuji

We Shoot Fuji Podcast

Hands On Fuji 16mm ƒ1.4 Review / via Mohamed Hakem

Rokinon 12mm ƒ2 Lens / via B&H Photo

Switch to Manual Podcast w/ Marco Larousse Part 1 :: Part 2


Episode 108 »» Magic vs. Muggles


Episode 108 »» Magic vs. Muggles, shutter time with sid and mac podcast.
Taken w/ the Sigma 600mm ƒ8 Mirror lens.

600mm, You Say?

Mac, being the fan of third party lenses that is he, scored a funky used lens to take his photography to new lengths, so to speak. He shares with us his newest acquisition. Stay tuned for a lens review from him down the road on his blog / our Bookface.


If you’ve felt that something special as you’re feeling the click of the shutter or the watching your vision unfolding in front of you, it’s undeniable how powerful the magic of photography is. What happens though when the magic fades? If you have a camera in your hands, does this automatically make you a soul photographer vs. one of convenience and at the end of the day, does it really matter? We’ve been trying to get to the why and feel of photography of late, so we decided to hit up our mics and figure this one out.

We’d love to hear from you! How do you define the magic of photography? Do you think about the why and the feel of photography / magic, or do you just roll with it? If the magic fades, how do you get it back? Please chime in! Besides this blog, you can find us on Bookface, (Mac), Twitter and Google Plus. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already for free via iTunes. You can also catch up via the Stitcher App!

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Episode 107 »» Lightroom and Fanboyism

Episode 107 »» Lightroom and Fanboyism Lightroom Something or the Other 

Ahh, finally after months of speculation and a missed rumoured March release date, Adobe finally gave it up and released Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 standalone for those not wanting to play in the creative cloud. Buyer beware – if you purchase LR 6, you’re not going to get all the goodness moving forward. Join us as we cover the changes!

Fanboys United

Most of us are called fanboys at one time or the other, be it for our preference with auto manufactures, smart phones, computers – the list goes on. Photography is one of the most intense fanboy debates, the classic being Nikon vs. Canon. Since this topic was brewing deep within Mac’s noggin as well as suggested this week by one of our kickin’ listeners, Mark, we thought we’d take to the mics and figure this one out – can this be a crutch for our photography? Hmm …

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Lightroom updates – thumbs up or down? What do you think about camera gear fanboys? Should we even care anymore – why or why not? You can find us at FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus and of course, you can subscribe for free at iTunes or check us out at Stitcher.

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Cheers, y’all!

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