Episode 139 »» Lightroom, Fuji and Landscapes

Powerlines removed! 2008 image by Mac, Episode 139 »» Lightroom, Fuji and Landscapes
Powerlines removed! 2008 image by Mac | Episode 139 »» Lightroom, Fuji and Landscapes

Coming Home

Nope, it’s not some emotional photography story that will tear at your heartstrings. Rather, Mac just realized the right inventory management/post processor was in right front of him all along. Cya later, Capture One.


The long anticipated Fujifilm X-T2 was announced and though it’s not even available in stores yet, photographers are jumping at it. Does it have what it takes to be Fuji’s best mirrorless body yet? We quickly dish about the latest body to hit the scene and quite possibly, your wallet.

Composite, You Say?

Mac listened to a podcast which got his camera straps all tied up in a knot and we thought we’d talk about composites and in the process, revisiting landscapes and dare we say it, wildlife? Join us as we discuss this topic and wonder what responsibility the photographer has to their viewing audience when it comes to our work.

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Is the Fuji X-T2 on your radar? If not, is there another brand and/or body you’ve been waiting to add to your lineup? Which one? What are your thoughts about composite photography, especially with landscapes and wildlife? Do you feel the photographer should be honest upfront with how the image was made/processed? We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can find us Bookface and Twitter! You can also subscribe free via iTunes and Stitcher.

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Links from the show:

Capture One Pro 9

Adobe Lightroom CC 

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2 vs X-T1 Size Comparison / via mirrorlessrumors.com



Episode 138 »» Nobody Gives a Toss

Ouch, right?

Episode 138 »» Nobody Gives a Toss
Image by Antonio M. Rosario.

Ted Forbes from The Art of Photography stirred it up this past week with a YouTube video. He shared a conversation he had with a mate a couple years ago, who had felt there was no need for more photographers, nobody cares about his work, etc. Who knew this topic would create such a response. The sides are pretty much split down the middle, so of course Mac and I had to take to the mics to discuss this. We love a good head scratcher ourselves and invited our good pal and homie, Antonio from Switch to Manual, to join the chat. So many questions. Such as – do we need to only do good work with a purpose moving forward? Hmmm …

We also touch on the new Hasselblad camera, mobile storage and also serve up a huge plate of crow for Mac and I. *cough* Instagram. *cough* Please join us as we cover it all!

Thanks again to Antonio for coming on the show once again! We love having him on. Do yourselves a favour and check out his work! You won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and here is that Canada goose photo we talked about!

Image by Antonio M. Rosario.

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We would love to hear your thoughts on the show and these topics. Do you care about the photography of others? Does your work have a specific purpose and if not, does it need to be? Are you eying that Hassie? hehe You can find us on Bookface and Twitter as well as this site. You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher!

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Image by Antonio M. Rosario.








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X1D Hasselblad Announcement 

Nobody Cares About Your Photography / via The Art of Photography

Street Shots Podcast

Antonio M. Rosario :: Twitter:: Instagram

Episode 137 »» Fuji. Filters. Organization.

Episode 137 »» Fuji. Filters. Organization.

Lee. Filters. They’re Back?

We’ve talked about them in the past and seem to have a love/hate relationship with them. Could be the cost. Could be the lack of availability at times over the years. A wee search for the Little Stopper led us to a debate and well, here we are. Please join us as we filter through some topics (see what I did there?) for this show!

Olaf, Kasia and Mark

If you’re a fan of Fuji, fantastic landscape photographers or you know, incredible photography, Olaf has posted a blog full of gorgeous images from a highly coveted trip by landscape shooters to Palouse, WA. Definitely worth checking out! We also mention a couple books suggested by Mark as a follow-up to episode 136 by local photographer / master, George Webber! Cheers for the scoop, Mark!

Fuji and Mac

We have a few updates on the latest rumours swirling around. The X-T2 has been spotted in the wild and should be part of an announcement by the Fuji camp here shortly. Teleconverters cost a fortune. Mac has a new lens (lenses?). It’s just madness all around.

Curating Our Work

One of our listeners and great pal, Mark Rierson, has discussed on and off the show about the importance for curating / managing our work. He’s the inspiration behind our main topic as we chat about methods to do so, how important it is to back-up vs. printing, and essentially, who are we managing our online inventory for?

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How do you manage your work, on and offline? Digitally and physically? Do you have any tips to share? You can find us on Bookface and Twitter as well as this site. You can also subscribe for free via iTunes and Stitcher! We thank you all for the comments and interaction, friends. Taking your time out for us by listening to the show and chiming in is always welcomed and very much appreciated!

Thanks for the inspiration, Mark! Thanks to everyone for tuning in as always!

Cheers, y’all!

Links from the show:

LEE Filters

LEE Filters YouTube Channel

LEE’s Masters of Photography Series

LEE’s System Match (think lenses + filters)

LEE’s Stopper Exposure Guide App »» iOS :: Android

A World Within by George Webber

Prairie Gothic by George Webber 

New X Mount Roadmap / via  Fujirumors

The Fujifilm X System / B&H Photo

Fujifilm European Presser / via Fujirumors

Olaf & Kasia in Palouse 

Shutter Time Episodes With Mark Reirson













Episode 136 »» Maple Covered Wet Beavers?

Episode 136 »» Maple Covered Wet Beavers?


If you’re a fan of Moose Peterson, you’ll want to check out his latest stop at The Grid. It’s 90 minutes of talking photography mixed with some laughter and inspiration, as well as a few business tips!

Douchebaggery Reversed 

Last week we talked about douchebag behaviour at Yellowstone. This week we mention an Fstoppers article and videos which show how Yellowstone should be done!

Viewing Photography As Art?

Another head-scratcher for you. Mac and I have been discussing the act of viewing photography as art … online and in person. With so many photos being posted at warped speed with every blink of the eyes, those lines of seeing photography as art vs. work from fellow photographers are becoming more blurred … at least they are for me. In order to stop me harassing him, Mac and I took to the mics to figure this one out. Do Mac and I end up on the same page – finally? Hmmm … please join us for this chat and find out!

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We’d love to hear your thoughts about the show. How do you feel about viewing photography as art? Are you able to do and enjoy the experience or do you alway look at photography mainly as a photographer? Please chime in! You can find us at Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation flowing! As always, you can subscribe for free via iTunes or check us out via the Stitcher app!

Thanks as always for tuning in and the continued interaction! It’s always much appreciated.

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The Grid: 10 Things Photographers Should Stop Doing Now!

Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone National Park Like Never Before / via Fstoppers

Photographing the Wild Wolves of Yellowstone / via NatGeo YouTube

Six Photographers Reveal Yellowstone Like You’ve Never Seen It / via NatGeo YouTube

Episode 135 »» New RAW processors and shame

Bridge of OrchyMaking fun of Sony and Canon

Making fun of Sony and Canon never gets old.  Especially when both companies have clearly forgotten that the megapixel war has finished.  Sony 72megapixel and Canon 120 megapixel cameras have been rumored.


It looks like Adobe had finally got some competition in the RAW market.  Two new contenders from Corel and On1 are vying  for the RAW file processing space.  Corel’s After Shot 3 has almost the same features as Adobe’s Lightroom, and the price at 80CDN is hard to beat.  Also it is the only one that will run on Linux.  On1 on the other hand only announced their On1 Photo Raw.  It’s going to combine their photo editing/filter suite with a RAW processor.  Exciting times!  Maybe Adobe will actually start working on their photo suite.


It’s tough time to call ourselves Canadian, without hanging our head in shame.  The latest stunt perpetrated by four yahoos in Yellowstone park, just for the sake of a “better shot”.  A lot similar incidents popped up on the tubes, like angry hairy moles.  Old buildings being set on fire, just because some maroon photographer wanted a good shot.  We got our inspiration from an article my Missy MWAC about photographers becoming like pigeons…

Join the Conversation

Let us know what do you think about the new RAW processors being announced, and the main topic of the show.  Are we as photographers immune to the rules of mere mortals?

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Missy MWAC – Photographers Become like Pigeons

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